Hello and welcome! My name is Henny Lena and I am the founder of ONDEDESIGNS. I was a business consultant for five years. During lots of travel, I got tired of balancing my purse on my suitcase. It was just a matter of time until it fell off.

While looking for a laptop bag, I noticed there are very few bags (for women!) with tasteful design AND a luggage strap in the back. So, I decided to simply provide a luggage strap for all bags and purses. The idea for the ONDE bag belt was born.

The Mission: Never compromise between design and function when choosing travel gear.

Please meet the first product: The ONDE Bag Belt.


ONDEDESIGNS follows an approach of sustainability. The ONDE Bag Belt is made of unused automotive leather from Europe. By using the leather, the leather pieces are introduced into a new lifecycle - and to a new use! I am proud to work with suppliers who have put sustainability in the core of their businesses.

The metal parts come from northern Italy. I am excited to work with a supplier who serves almost all high fashion designer brands you can think of. All metal parts are produced in Italy. The picture below is from a visit to the supplier. I believe it shows how dedicated the team is to design and sustainability. 

The stitching company puts the metal parts and the leather together. While this is also done Hungary, the company is owned by a German family business from southern Germany. They have a very close eye on the product quality and the quality of work for their team. I love working with family businesses. In fact, I wrote my PhD thesis about Family Businesses in the Automotive Supplier Industry [available at your trusted online book store - :)]. I appreciate their integrity and willingness to achieve something great together.

The packaging for the ONDE Bag Belt is tailored to minimize waste. Wherever possible I am using upcycled material to reduce the environmental impact. All packaging parts are easy to recycle. 

ONDEDESIGNS is 100% me. This means, I am 100% in. The product, the marketing, the service you experience is all me. Therefore, please let me know if you have questions.


Special thanks to the NRW.Founders Grant of the Federal State of Northrine Westfalia, Germany. ONDEDESIGNS received funding via the grant which is dedicated to highly innovative business ideas.